processing of complex sewer system studies



Brief description


The HYDRONet program aims at processing of complex sewer system projects; starting with interactive design of sewer network (including structures), processing of longitudinal profiles of sewer sets, thematic maps, through computation and appraisal of sewer system towards final technical maps creation. Implemented computation module is (from the water resources viewpoint) based on the principle of rational methods (the Bartoska and Maslo methods are implemented). Very important feature of program HYDRONet 3.0 is automated process of output maps creation (based on Czech Technical Standards, but easily modifiable) and clear and fast generation of map and table design documentation in general. »The program environment« reflects the most modern IS trends (a database is used as the source and storage of data) and allows fast and creative work. Interaction with the WINPLAN modules can be used for more effective processing of the design documentation (longitudinal profiles).

Program data store (in actual new version 3.0) is based od Microsoft Access database. This feature allows pretty easy access to all basic data of whole project on the lowest possible level. From the architecture point of view the program is based on modular system. Database server operates data and makes it accessible through functions and dialogues to other modules (graphical application, computation, data import/export etc.) connected to the data server in a form of separated programs.



Basic usage


Program HYDRONet 3.0, contrary to previous releases, is available on one version only. It is not limited according number of sections/pipes (the section concept is based on the usage of rational methods).

The user is provided with a new, completely re-designed, graphical interface with optimized data import and export functions, which ensures full compatibility with standard CAD programs.

Special attention was paid to the printed output of the project in the form of tables and user-defined maps.




  A demo version of the program and other information is available »here«. Full description of changes and modifications in particular sub-versions is available »here (Czech only)«.