WWTP digital operation diary



Brief description

  The program can be described as a digital form of the operation diary which provides:
  • a simple and user-friendly recording of measured data regarding the conditions of WWTP facilities
  • quantitative and qualitative evaluation of WWTP operation
  • creation of periodical reports of WWTP operation

The philosophy behind the configuration of a WWTP is based on the utilization of a defined library of WWTP facilities. The configuration is created interactively on the computer screen through the use of facility icons. It is therefore possible to achieve significant variability during the creation of WWTP configurations by the user.

Each facility is defined in database tables containing the basic, measured and calculated data. The data can be analyzed graphically in the form of graphs of individually selected quantities using its own graphical server or exported into standard programs (MS Excel, MS Word).

HYDROThrix has been programmed as a 32-bit application intended for the Windows 9X or NT environment. It does not require an additional configuration of the computer or additional software in order to function properly. MS Access is used as the database of the program.



Basic usage


In addition to the standard objects of each window, such as the menu, tool bar and status bar, the HYDROThrix environment contains two working windows (see figure).

The working environment window is a location at which the entire creation of the WWTP configuration takes place, including:

  • inserting of facilities from the facility library
  • interconnection of facilities
  • modification of connections and adjustment of facilities

The facility library window contains a list of all available facilities which may be inserted into the Working Environment windows, thus creating the WWTP configuration. The available types of facilities include the following:

Fictional facilities Mechanical treatment facilities Biological treatment facilities Sludge treatment facilities Multipurpose facilities
Connection facility Overflow Aerobic treatment zone Digestion tank Pumping station
Distribution tank Coarse screens Denitrification zone Sludge thickening tank  
  Fine screens Anaerobic zone Machine-assisted sludge thickening  
  Sand trap Regeneration zone Sludge storage tank  
  Screenings press   Sludge dewatering  
  Sand washer   Gas storage tank  
  Primary sedimentation tank      
  Final settling tank      

Each facility is provided with its own graphical and database component. The graphical representation of facilities, i.e. facility icons, are displayed in the program's working area. Data pertaining to each facility is entered into the database using facility dialog boxes.




  A demo version of the program and other information is available »zde«.