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Modules of the program package WINPLAN are protected by HW and SW keys. Together with the licence agreement acceptance, HW and SW keys are necessary conditions to run full version of any WINPLAN package module.

Price list consist of basic prices for one module. In the frame of the WINPLAN package price list there is wide system of discounts and upgrades, including the possibility of the service agreement purchase.

Modules are mostly in the Czech version only (see program language versions). Orientation prices in Czech crowns are available in »the Czech price list«.

To receive more detail information, please, do not hesitate to contact »WINPLAN department«.



Program language versions

  Module     English  
Water supply longitudinal profileYES
Water supply layout 
Sewer system longitudinal profileYES
Sewer manholes catalogueYES
Longitudinal profile of watercoursesYES





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