Sewer system longitudinal profile

Brief description


The Sewer system longitudinal profile module is used for defining, creating, modifying, calculating and drawing longitudinal profiles of water distribution pipes according to the detailed design requirements of the ÈSN standard.

The Sewer system longitudinal profile program is an application intended for designers of sewer systems and is capable of presenting longitudinal profiles of sewers according to their description. Calculations of flow rates and filling in pipes are carried out according to the White-Colebrook relation.



Basic usage


The basic input data for the Sewer system longitudinal profile program module (x, y, z coordinates) may be entered directly using the keyboard, the mouse or by reading data from the ROUTE module. The input tables allow the user to enter other information about the longitudinal profile (e.g. land register numbers, lot numbers, geological drill holes, information about cultures, ground surface information, crossings with underground and aboveground services, information about sewer facilities, pipe material and longitudinal information, and the shape of excavation for the pipe placement).

The drawing appearance may be easily adapted to the user's requirements. This includes the vertical placement of descriptive text, as well as the height and font style of the text. This means that, for example, the Detailed drawing of the profile, intended for construction purposes, can be used to create a Simplified drawing by the elimination of some tables and a modification of the description. The descriptive text (e.g. reference level) may be modified, thus allowing the creation of a foreign-language version. Such a drawing can then be saved as a template for repeated usage.

The output may be obtained in both a text and graphical form. The text output consists of a summary table of all input data and a volumetric calculation of earth works. The graphical output is provided in any scale ranging from 1:5000 to 1:100, and may be exported in the DXF format or directly plotted or printed. The drawing of longitudinal profile consists of all requirements required for project documentation and looks similar to the Water supply longitudinal profile.




  A demo version of the program and other information is available »here«.