Longitudinal profile of watercourses

Brief description


The Longitudinal profile of watercourses module is used for defining, creating, modifying, calculating and drawing longitudinal profiles of watercourses according to the ÈSN standard.

The Longitudinal profile of watercourses is an application intended for designers of watercourses and is capable of presenting longitudinal profiles of rivers and creeks according to their description. It is possible to add/edit data of cross-sections and other objects and to visualize water level either in longitudinal or cross-section profile. Calculations are carried out as a steady flow (Q=A*v), flow rates are calculated according to the Manning equation.




  The main features of Longitudinal profile of watercourses are:
  • Adding/editing of linear objects (left/right levee, new bed, surface cover) and user objects (left/right inflow, crossing) with relevant symbols.
  • Adjustment of project and environment settings is on the level of logical units (for example: left levee is a logical unit and therefore any adjustment refers to description label, line defining the levee shape, level labels in particular cross-sections etc.).
  • Table of slopes and lengths is generated automatically, table of areas, surfaces and lot identifiers with the user assistance.
  • Editing of source data of cross-sections and linear objects.
  • Export into AutoCAD DXF and printing on arbitrary paper format of printer/plotter (supported by OS).
  • Inserting of a specification card by OLE technology.
  • Previous step/repeat functions (history of working steps).
  • Zoom back/forward steps (independent on working steps - difference from AutoCAD).