pond and reservoir information system



System origin


Hydroprojekt was retained for "The Master Plan of Ponds and Reservoirs in the Czech Republic" by the Water Resources Division of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic. Hydroprojekt was the main program developer and coordinator of the project team, which included VD TBD a.s., FS ╚VUT Praha, V┌MOP, Hydroinform a.s. and Rybß°stvÝ (Fisheries) T°ebo˛.

The objective of the Master Plan was to provide a complex solution to issues related to the given field and to ensure a maximum harmonization of applied activities.

The information system forms the basic block of the Master Plan, which is one of the main requirements for the achievement of the objectives of the entire program.

The Master Plan (Stage I was completed at the end of 1995) has been designed as the conceptual material of the subject field. Stage II of the Master Plan was completed at the end of 1996 with the adjustment of methodology and the addition of five new systems into the Information System. Stage III took place in 1997 when another four systems were added into the IS.





The information system consists of three layers:

  1.  Basic level - so-called "filling" level - was created using the WinBase602 database. This environment was selected to create a simple application for entering non-graphical data types.
  2.  The middle level is formed by a GIS application(MGE) which utilizes the Microstation graphical environment. Oracle was selected as the database due to its capability of communicating with other information systems (see schematic).
  3.  The highest level consists of presentation programs.



Additional information


The creation of the information system required non-graphical, as well as graphical data. Water Resources Maps were selected to provide the basic background information.

A specific characteristic of the created basic system is the ability of utilizing an objective classification of pond significance and conditions. The classification results can be presented in the database section of the system or in the graphical section of the system.

The information system was developed for the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic between 1995 and 1997.