Sewer manholes catalogue

Brief description


The Sewer manholes catalogue module is closely related to the Sewer system longitodinal profile module. It is used for the design of water-tight sewer maintenance shafts with wall thicknesses of 120, 135 or 150 mm or shafts with wall thicknesses of 90 mm, which are suitable for locations which are free of groundwater. Shafts have an inside diameter of 800, 1000, 1200 or 1500 mm and meet DIN 4034 requirements.

The new version of the program contains updated catalogues of prefabricated elements manufactured by Beta Olomouc, Prefa Brno, and EUBE, as well as BeToniKa Lobodice.



Basic usage


All required input data may be entered using dialogue boxes or uploaded from the Sewer system longitodinal profile module and provided with relevant details.

After the selection of manufacturer and a specification of required data, the maintenance shaft is automatically assembled from individual prefabricated elements and a lid (user shaft type and its location, together with other construction details). If, for any reason, the user intends to redefine the assembled product, he/she may use the "manual editing" dialog box.

The printed output from the program consists of a typical drawing of the shaft assembly. It is also possible to print tables with the dimensions of individual elements, tables of the designed shaft assembly, and tables containing the required information for the shaft bottom. These tables contain all information necessary for project implementation. The last output contains a summary order form which consists of all information required for the ordering of individual elements from the selected producer or distributor.




  A demo version of the program and other information is available »here«.