program for watercourse administrators



Brief description


TOPAS is a (geo)graphical information system with a graphical interface and a client/server database, Winbase602.

As the basic element, the program uses an object-oriented layer of watercourses (source provided by VÚV - ZVM 1:50000), consisting of so-called "soft reaches". The administrator inserts new elements into the basic layer. The program presently works with point and vector entities. During the insertion of points, the program automatically detects information about the reach and the watercourse into which the new element is being inserted. Point entities may be entered outside of the watercourse, whereas vector entities follow the watercourse and must be therefore inserted directly into the watercourse.



Basic usage


Reference maps may include vector maps in the Microstation DGN or ESRI ArcView Shapefile SHP format. In the case of raster maps, it is possible to use BMP, GIF, TIF, JPG, PNG and Intergraph CIT format.

The tools which elevate this program above universal GIS programs include functions used for the selection and queries related to the watercourse. The program is capable of selecting the watercourse tree from the selected reach and/or the selection of the upstream and downstream watercourse.

Based on the selections, it is possible to execute additional database queries. The program also supports QBE queries.

Another useful tool is the ability to create a summary of characteristics pertaining to a selected watercourse. The summary includes all information about the watercourse, i.e. not only basic characteristics (e.g. length, etc.), but also information about all entities related to the selected watercourse.





The development of the program was assisted by the National Watercourse Improvement Authority (Státní meliorační správa) and Hydroinform a.s.