Brief description


The ROUTE program is the basic module of the WINPLAN system. The program allows the input or import of required spatial pipe data and processes it into a format suitable for the production of longitudinal profiles and layout drawings.



Basic usage


Input data include polygon vertex and intermediate coordinates as Cartesian coordinates, polar coordinates, information in the form of stationing and vertex angles or any combination thereof. Polygon coordinates may be entered directly from survey data. The ROUTE module allows interaction with the digital terrain model, DMT, which contains terrain spot elevations, e.g. in the form of a tachometric plan. The longitudinal terrain profile i.e. a terrain cross-section with the specified polygon, can then be transferred from the ROUTE module to the Water supply or Sewer system longitudinal profile and PLANPLOT. The control of input data can be done using dialog boxes, as well as graphically.

The ROUTE program module provides output in both text and graphical formats. The graphical output provides the horizontal and vertical pipe layout. In addition, the longitudinal profiles (construction drawings) can be provided, along with a printout of the input and output values. The main program output is, however, the input data set (stationing and terrain elevation) for use in the Water supply or Sewer system longitudinal profile.




  A demo version of the program and other information is available »here«.