information system for the monitoring of pollutant migration into watercourses



System Origin


The VNOS Information System (VNOS IS) was created as part of the study entitled "Migration of Pollutants into Watercourses in the Capital City of Prague", developed for the City of Prague in 1997. The objective of this study was the creation of a uniform environment used for the collection and storage of information related to the issue of pollutant migration into Prague watercourses and to allow searching, querying and locating of monitored pollutants.

The secondary objective of the study was the preparation of a maximum-utilization background material used for the Drainage Master Plan for the Capital City of Prague.



Brief description


IS VNOS is used for the monitoring of pollutant migration into Prague watercourses. It is formed by a database section and a graphical section which form the integral part. The system contains a definition of "entities" which describe individual pollution sources.

Rules, provisions and other recommendations of the National Information System (SIS), pertaining to the formatting of data items, were respected during the construction of the database. The IS base is formed by a set of transparent "layers" allowing for an easy identification of the location of an individual "entity" and simplifying the analysis of various trends.



Basic usage


The program has been created using the Access database for the Windows 9X or NT environment.